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APS Prepaid Discount

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The APS Pre-paid Discount does not include any reports. It reduces the rate of future reports by 50%.

The APS software provides a method for certified counselors to run a personal identification/inventory--an eight-page computerized report on their counselees. The APS software online has two pricing levels; pre-paid discount and standard pricing. The pre-paid discount cost $750; once this discount is purchased the counselor can process reports at a reduced rate that is half of the standard pricing(currently $15 reduced from the standard $30 each). Without the discount, the counselor can purchase the reports at the current standard rate of $30 each. The pre-paid discount is extremely beneficial to counselors who find themselves required to process many A.P.S. reports.

This is a one-time purchase. Once a counselor has this discount they can continue to run the reports at the discounted rate for as long as they are a member.

The ability to process reports is contingent upon valid membership.

Here is a summary of the current pricing:

With the discount:
Pre-Paid Discount $750.00
Each Report $15.00

Without the discount:
Each Report $30.00

The Special Personal Profile (SPP) reports are already discounted for all APS members, each report is $5. To run an SPP you must first unlock a Clinical report. The price for the SPP report does not change depending on if you have the APS Pre-paid discount or not.

Please note, only members who have finished their program are eligible for this discount.

For information on becoming an SACC member please click here.